San Diego
1221 S. 26th Street
San Diego, CA 92113
155 W. Crest Street
Escondido, CA 92025
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 13459
San Diego, CA 92170


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Job Surveys
We conduct job surveys in order to draft and design traffic control plans and to ensure that our customer's needs are met and the plans are accurate.
Traffic Control Plans
Our highly qualified and experienced plan drafters have worked with all the cities in San Diego County and with Caltrans. Our plan drafters can provide traffic plans in AutoCAD and CorelDraw.
Submittal to City Officials to Obtain Traffic Permits
Once we design the plan and at the request of the customer, we can submit the plan to the corresponding public agency for approval and obtain a permit. Our relationship with the cities and especially the traffic engineers has developed with all the work we have successfully executed.
Plans stamped by Traffic Engineer
Occasionally, it is necessary to have our plans stamped by a traffic or civil engineer. We can provide this service for an additional fee per page, with a quick turnaround time.
Traffic Plan Extensions and Maintenance
For long-term projects, customers may request Co's Traffic Control to maintain their traffic permits. This would entail Co's Traffic Control to track the permit expiration dates and to extend them periodically upon customer's approval.